Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Anniversary

Joel and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary yesterday. These last few years have flown by.
Our plan was to head up to our friends (The Meyers) condo at swietzer yesterday, and then go skiing today. We heard that it was going to snow a few days ago, but when it started snowing yesterday morning, we decided we might need to have a plan B. We never would have made it to the condo. We decided to drive to Coeur D'Alene instead and stay a night at the CDA Resort on the lake. The Resort was beautiful and very relaxing.
I always feel a little wierd staying the night in a Hotel so close to home, but it was nice just to get away.

(This is a picture of the Resort in the Summer)

We got to the resort and asked to stay in their cheapest room, knowing that their cheapest room would even be expensive. We started talking to the man at the front desk, and we told him that it was our anniversary, and he decided to give us a lakeview $350 room, for $119. It was so nice and had a warm fireplace, and the view was amazing. Too bad it was not hot and sunny...then we could have sat out on the patio.

(This is what the patio looked like. We were not going to spend any time out there)

It continued snowing through the night and is still snowing right now. We decided to leave Coeur D'Alene early and head home. We knew the drive home would be extra long due to the road conditions. We drove slow and had no problems until we got about 3 blocks from our home.
We totally got stuck in the middle of a road that had not been plowed.
Our neighbor towed us home, which we were so thankful for.
Lets just say that we will not be going anywhere for awhile. We are totally snowed in.

(Shoveling out our front walk)

We borrowed our neighbors snow blower to clear out the driveway so we could get our car inside.

(This is a picture of our back deck. )
We have gotten over 3 feet of new snow in the last 24 hours, and it just continues to fall.
I think the snow is so pretty, but do not like the fact that we can not get out if we need to.
This weather made us remember spending last years anniversary in Hawaii. We did enjoy the warmth of Hawaii, but we are so lucky to have a warm house. We are going to make chocolate chip cookies and watch a movie this afternoon.
Should be fun.


Stacy Pincock said...

I like the love shack! Looks nice! Can you believe the snow!!!! Wish you guys could come hang out in the snow with us! I'm glad you made it back!

Bev said...

Happy (late) Anniversary. I'm glad you two were able to get away (even if it wasn't the original plan). Looks like you had fun though.
We are snowed in too!! I love Airway Hts and their lack of snow plows. We've had to shovel/dig our way out of the snow 3 times so far. Not fun!! But at lease we got a snow day and didn't have to go to work!! Enjoy your cookie makinig time and movie!!

tatum said...

your making me miss spokane really bad with all that snow! =) lol, is that your bedroom in the picture? i seriously love that style of furniture, can we trade?