Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wHiTe ElePhaNt GiFt eXcHanGe

Last night we went over to our good friends house - Ben and Kim Burt - and had a Christmas White Elephant gift exchange. It was so much fun. Most of us, including spouses, have been friends for several years - back to the good old college days in Cheney. Us four couples do a lot together, and hopefully we will make this an annual tradition, because we all had a blast.

(Joel, Ben, and Wes - eating food before the big exchange)

(The girls!! - Beth, Steph, Kim, and Jen)

Then after we all ate the yummy appetizers that everyone brought, the exchange began.
Ohhh - there was some pretty funny gifts. We will see if any of them make it back to next years party.

Brett got some Poop-pourri, which is some kind-of spray that you put in the toilet bowl to make your bowel movements smell better.

Beth and Wes ended up with some blocks that I made for the party. I just made them out of scrap wood, and they spell the word believe, but for some reason they were a hit, and happened to be traded quite a bit. However...Beth and Wes ended up with the letters in the end, and an Eddie Bauer Fanny Pack - Ha. Ha.

Ben happened to get some leopard handcuffs and a pregnancy test - How Funny!

Oh Yes... Joel and I made out with - drum roll please - a pooping snowman (which Joel loves) and a lava lamp.

The night was great. Joel and I are so grateful for great friends, and the opportunity to hang out with the ones close by on a regular basis. We are really so blessed.


Beth and Wes said...

Jen you got some god pictures last night, you are quick to blog!! Our new blocks look really good up in our house!!

Ben said...

I know you love the snowman poop, Joel.