Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ava never really got to enjoy the snow last year because she was still pretty young. This year however, she is really excited about the snow and tells us about how white and fun it is.
Today she decided she wanted to help her dad shovel the driveway, and had a blast outside.

She wanted to make sure there was no snow on her slide, so she had her dad help her clean the swing set.

We are glad that she is starting to enjoy winter more, because her parents love the snow and cannot wait to teach her how to downhill ski.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Very Cute Good Witch

We had a pretty eventful Halloween season this year.

I started going to a Mommy and Me play group in our development a few weeks ago, and Ava and I love it. I love spending time with the moms and Ava enjoys all her new friends, so it is a win/win. The week before Halloween the play group had a Halloween party and all the kids dressed up. I wish they would have let us take a group photo, but it is hard to get toddlers to cooperate for a photo. They all looked adorable though.

Ava is totally into coloring right now, and when she saw the art table she threw off her witch hat and began drawing a picture. That was the last of her hat that day... she refused to wear it for the party.

The girls frosted and decorated sugar cookies.

And they all had a blast playing in this little Halloween fort. She had a great time!!

Then a few days later I took her to my mom's school for Ava to trick-or-treat her grandma. Ava loves going to my mom's classroom.

We also hit up a church Halloween carnival the weekend before Halloween night. Ava had fun running around with her cousin Gage ("The Viking").

(These two kids are so cute together.)

They ran around the numbers of the cupcake walk even if the music stopped.

(Thanks to her grandma Anderson for making a witch costume to match her hot pink hat.)

We could not ask for a cuter witch. We love this kid to death.