Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sugar High

I have a funny feeling that Ava might be on a sugar high all weekend. How can you resist giving her Easter candy when it is the first year that she is actually old enough to kind-of understand what is going on. (We had been playing with eggs and baskets at home the last few days so that she would know what to do at the egg hunt.) Today was Ava's first Easter Egg Hunt. Even though she did not really understand that she needed to run and get the eggs before the other children did, she had a blast looking at all the colored eggs and watching all the other children around her.

Of course she had to try some of the candy that she received in the eggs too.

She loved it!! I think next year she will love it even more.

I am glad that we got to do the egg hunt and candy part of Easter on Saturday, so that we can focus on the true - important - meaning of Easter tomorrow.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Family Stroll

Ava is finally starting to feel better, and we all have severe cabin fever, so we thought we better go for a little family hike today. It was a little windy, but it was still wonderful to be outside. Ava was not thrilled about being in the backpack. She would prefer to walk constantly, but some of the trail was a little too rocky. Ava was so excited to see and pick flowers. I think the flowers were probably the highlight of her adventure today.

Following dad on the trail. I cannot believe how fast she has grown up. At this time last year she was just a few months old, not even crawling, and now she runs around everywhere. Where does the time go? I am glad that she is developing and becoming so independent, but at the same time I know that in the blink of an eye she will be heading off to school. Crazy how fast time flies.

Family time is the best time!! And being outside even makes it better.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poor Baby

Being a mom is such an amazing experience. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, but not nearly as much as I have enjoyed with Ava. She brightens my days, makes me constantly smile and laugh, and allows me to have a deeper respect for all mothers, including my own. It is so much fun, but hard at the same time. These last few days have been slightly difficult because Ava has been so sick. Before now, she has had the occasional running nose, but never a serious cold. She was put on antibiotics for the first time, and has thrown-up (mostly from choking on her cough) more than I thought possible for a little kid. I hate to see her struggle and not feel well, especially since it is still so hard for her to communicate how she is feeling. As much as I hate having her sick, I am grateful that I can be here for her. I love that she wants to cuddle with me and knows that I am always here for her. I hope that she always knows that, especially when she hits her teenage years. I am grateful that she feels comfort in my arms. I would hold her and rock her all day (and night) long if it meant she would feel better. She and her dad are my best blessings. Can't wait for our little princess to feel better soon.