Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorites

These are my favorite people.

They make my life complete. I love that they enjoy spending time together.

Ava just adores her daddy, as do I.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leadman 2011

This last past weekend we traveled to Kellogg Idaho so that Joel could participate in a race called the 2011 Leadman. It consisted of a 1 mile ski, 8 mile bike, and a 4.8 mile run. It was snowing quite hard on the mountain during the ski and part of the bike, but Joel still did pretty well. He got 9th in his age group.

This is Joel and Trevor (a good friend of ours) before the race. Trevor got second place overall and first in his age group.

My brother Eric and his family traveled from the Tri-Cities for the weekend to participate in the Leadman race and then Bloomsday in Spokane. It was so much fun to spend the weekend with them and for Ava to play with her cousins.
Eric and Joel's times were just a few minutes apart. They both did awesome.

As you can see the race was pretty muddy.

Joel really enjoyed it. I think that we might make this an annual event.

Since the race was in Kellogg, we decided to stay the night at the resort. Tickets to the indoor waterpark come with your room fee, so that was a huge perk for our whole family to go.

Joel and I have been to the waterpark in the past and really enjoyed it but did not know how Ava would do. This was her first time in a pool, and she absolutely loved it.

We had to take Ava out occasionally because she was turning into a prune, and she did not like leaving the water. It was so cute to watch her play with the water toys.

This particular toy was her favorite.

Ava with her cousin Simon.

(We took our friends daughter Maddy with us. She is always so much fun to have around. We feel like she is part of the family. Ava loves her too.)

They also have a surf pool where you can belly board or surf. Joel and Maddy enjoyed this part of the waterpark. (Ava and I did not attempt it)

It really is a fun place to go as a family. Can't wait till next year!!