Saturday, August 7, 2010

Much Needed Vacation

Last weekend we went for our first overnight vacation with Ava to Seattle. It was quite the experience, and made us think twice about going somewhere for a week this winter. We probably should have tried an extended overnight trip somewhere a little closer to home, because Ava hated sleeping in new locations – let’s be honest…Ava hardly slept at all. But we still had a great time, and got to see some of our favorite people!!

The first day we went to Wenatchee and saw my grandmother from my dad’s side of the family. She had not seen Ava yet, and it was nice for the two of them to have some time together.

Then we went to dinner with my Grandmother, Aunt Debbie, and two cousins – Rachel and Kristen. Kristen was actually visiting from California that week, so we were lucky to get to see her. We had a great time just catching up and enjoying a good meal with family.

Two of our favorite people – Ben and Kim – moved to Wenatchee recently, and we miss them really bad…so of course we needed to stay with them and catch up. Poor Ava had a rough night and did not sleep well at all, and Ben and Kim probably did not either, but they pretended like they slept fine and loved having us as visitors. (Thanks Ben and Kim)

The next day we were off to Seattle. Ava slept almost the whole way there, which never happens. We stopped at Snoqualmie Falls on the way and ate lunch. The west side of Washington is so pretty.

We spent some time with our good friends – Paul and Esther – while in Seattle. They just had a new addition to their family that we had to see, and he is adorable. They took us on this fun little hike by the University of Washington that was beautiful. We always have the best time when we go visit them.

On Saturday evening we went to Lake Samamish State Park and walked around before we headed home.
Ava was not to sure about the lake water.

We were supposed to stay until Sunday, but since Ava was not sleeping well in these new environments, we decided to drive home Saturday night while she was sleeping. She was so funny – when we got home she woke up to eat (she usually screams bloody murder while waiting for her nighttime bottle to be made) and she looked around, realized that she was home, and just smiled. Looks like we have a little home-body.

All-in-all, the trip was good and it was nice to get away as a family. The best part was just being able to sit and talk to Joel for hours while driving (when Ava was sleeping). We never have time like that together anymore with our busy schedules. Family time is definitely the BEST TIME!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When Daddy Watches Me...

On Tuesday's Joel watches Ava while I go to work. I am sure that Ava loves this, because she gets to do whatever she wants when she wants.

We planted a garden this year, and planted a few things specifically so that we could make Ava some fresh baby food - like peas. We planted carrots also to make baby food, but then read that you have to be really careful with carrots due to nitrates in the soil.

Well, yesterday when I got home from work, these pictures were up for me to see. Joel knew that I would get upset because babies are not suppose to have tomatoes, and we discussed that we were going to test our soil for nitrates before feeding the carrots to Ava. But Ava and Joel have minds of their own.

Ava enjoying herself. Joel assures me that she did not actually eat any of the tomato.

She did taste the carrots though. How can you get mad at a face this cute though???