Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sugar High

I have a funny feeling that Ava might be on a sugar high all weekend. How can you resist giving her Easter candy when it is the first year that she is actually old enough to kind-of understand what is going on. (We had been playing with eggs and baskets at home the last few days so that she would know what to do at the egg hunt.) Today was Ava's first Easter Egg Hunt. Even though she did not really understand that she needed to run and get the eggs before the other children did, she had a blast looking at all the colored eggs and watching all the other children around her.

Of course she had to try some of the candy that she received in the eggs too.

She loved it!! I think next year she will love it even more.

I am glad that we got to do the egg hunt and candy part of Easter on Saturday, so that we can focus on the true - important - meaning of Easter tomorrow.