Monday, December 8, 2008

Cutting Down Our CHRISTMAS Tree...

Every year Joel and I go out in the Collville National Forest to cut down a Christmas tree. They usually end up looking like a "Charlie Brown" tree, but the adventure of hiking to find a tree is so much fun, and you cannot beat the price of a $5 permit - and we always end up loving the tree once we get it home. This year our good friends, Beth and Wes, came with us. It was Beth's birthday (December 6, 2008), and we had planned to have muffins and light candles in them to sing to her, but we kind-of took a wrong road at the beginning of the trip which put us behind schedule the rest of the day. But even with the longer car ride, we all had a good time picking out our trees.

After much searching... Joel and I finally found our tree!

(Joel and I hiking in the woods, searching for a tree)
This year was different, because there was no snow on the ground. It had been freezing rain the night before, so the roads were slick, but that gave Wes a great time - off roading in his jeep.
After we got back, we quickly put our tree in water, and were off to our friends house to watch their kids while they went to a work Christmas Party, and then we had a soccer game at 10:40 at night... so the tree had to wait until after church on Sunday to get decorated.

(Our cute tree)
Joel and I had so much fun decorating the tree. We put Christmas music on, and had a blast.
Then after we decorated the tree, Joel helped me finish some Big Christmas blocks that say "Believe". I saw some blocks similar in a store a few weeks ago and they wanted $35 for them.
I decided to make them myself with some scrap wood, and the finished product maybe cost $3.
We had a busy weekend, but full of fun and great memories.
It really allowed us to get into the Christmas spirit!


Jen and Joel said...

If the Wood Family views this post...please let us know who you are. We have a few friends with that last name, but we are not able to get onto your blog site from your comment link.
Thanks...we just are curious to see who you are!

Elyse said...

your tree is so adorable!!! What a fun tradition!

tatum said...

oh i am so sad i don't live there anymore, did you know that everyone here has fake trees, i'm not kidding, i'm the only one i know with a real one, i just can't stand to stop doing the live ones because we used to go cut ours down at the farms there every year......sad. yours looks so cute. i told a couple people about your cute tin advent calendar idea, they loved it by the way. i'm going to make one next year like that.