Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally a Piano

This is our piano!!! I have been wanting a piano for years. I grew up with a piano in the home, and have always had a love for piano music. Joel said that we could get one if we found a good deal. So recently I had been looking around, and finally found one on Craigs List for a pretty good price. I was pretty nervous to go look at it, and wanted to make sure that it was in fairly good condition and that the sound was I asked my mom (who taught piano for years, and is an amazing pianist) to come with me and check it out. We went to the house to look at it, and I loved it --- especially for the price. It is not perfect in appearance, but the sound is great. My mom then suprised Joel and I, and said she would get it for us for Christmas.
Honestly...this is the best present ever! Thanks mom.

(Joel and Wes bringing the heavy beast in the house)
I say heavy beast, because I told Joel and Wes that it looked light and should not be a problem moving. They both could have killed me, and were sore for about a week. I was so grateful for the help and muscles. They are the best!
(What strong MEN!!)
Joel and I are in love with this new piece of furniture. I am going to start teaching piano lessons a few nights a week in January 2009 to make some extra money to finish the basement, and help with Joel's tuition (Joel decided to take night classes and sit for the CPA exam once he gets enough accounting credits to do so). But really... I am just excited to have a piano to play again.


Bev said...

Congratulations Jen! I'm so excited for you and that you will be able to practice and play. I want a piano!!

wood family said...

yay!! i'm so jealous! When our house is done, that's the first thing i want to buy.....congrats!! It looks nice!

Esther said...

That IS the best present ever! Making music is one of those things that make a house a home. That's so great! Can't wait to hear it in action sometime!!

Jen and Joel said...

Who exactly is the Wood Family? We have a few friends with that last name.