Friday, July 29, 2011

Typical Summer Day

Ava's typical summer day consists of the following:

Every day we have to go to the park down the street. Ava wakes up telling me she wants to go to the park, and she would honestly live there if we would let her. A neighbor girl came over the other day on her little princess bike, and was wearing a bike helmet. Ava wanted to keep the little girls helmet on all night and threw a fit when we made her give it back. So off to the store we went the next day to get Ava her own helmet. She loves it, and wants to wear it to the park everyday, even if I am not taking her in the bike trailer.
Safety first!!

Ava also wants to wear her parents shoes all the time. She looks hilarious and trips often, but continues to wear them. Lately her dad's indoor soccer shoes are her favorite choice.

Picking raspberries is also a daily ritual around here. Ava would eat these non stop if we would let her. The problem is she does not know which ones are ripe and ready to pick - she just grabs whatever she can pull off and tries them out. Her face is so funny when she eats the non-ripe berries.

It has been pretty warm lately, so we try to let Ava take a dip in her little pool each day.

She loves the water and making any water toy or ball splash.

I cannot believe that summer is almost half over. Where does the time go?


Bev said...

I love Ava's pigtails. She's such a doll. Also, love your new family photos!