Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look What I Have Been Doing...

Ava is growing up way too fast these days. It seems like everyday she is trying something new and saying a new word in the correct tense and meaning. She is talking up a storm and it is fun to actually understand what she is saying.
If you ask her what her favorite color is - she will say green.
If you ask her what her favorite number is - she will say nine.
If you ask her what her favorite letter is - she will say the letter "O". And she means each statement - they truly are her favorite.
If you ask her a yes or no question, she will answer "no" for no and "K" for yes.
She loves to water any plant outside or in with her little watering can (our plants are seeing more water than they ever have...hopefully they survive), and she says water without the T sound -- Super cute to hear.
We honestly cannot get enough of this kid.

Ava learning that she is able to climb the banister (Her mother is not happy about this).

Decorating the window for the holiday.

Driving her friend Henry's tractors on their farm.

Ava, you light up our life, make us complete, and bring a smile to our face every single day.

We love you!!