Friday, July 1, 2011

Silly Hat

Ava loves the song from Barney called "A Silly Hat". She loves to put hats on her head and dance around to the song. Whenever we put funny objects on our heads around the house we always say "silly hat, silly hat" and dance around with it on our head (I know...we are weird, but Ava loves it). The objects that are not hats usually are anything from books, blankets, and toys to anything else that we feel would look silly on our heads.

Recently, this practice has backfired. The other night this is what I found...

We have been EASING into the whole potty training thing. She is just getting use to sitting on her potty chair (she was afraid to sit on it for awhile), and has actually never gone potty in it yet.

Looks like we have some work on our hands. I definitely do not want her thinking the inside of her potty chair can be used as a silly hat.


Shavonne said...

Oh no, that's not good! But.. you have to admit, it does make a silly hat! ;)