Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can't Believe That She is 6 Months Old

Ava turned 6 months old on June 24th, 2010. She is growing up so fast. It makes me sad that she is not a little baby anymore, but I am excited to see her continue to develop and become a little girl. She brings more joy into our lives than we ever could have imagined.
A few fun things that Ava is doing lately are:
  • Wants to eat everything (But we feed her baby food and biscuits)
  • Trying to crawl (More successful at rolling to her destination)
  • Sits up by herself
  • Loves to laugh
  • Always wants to hold the cell phone
  • She is curious about anything and everything
  • But most of all she loves to make her Mom and Dad smile (Which is always)
Here are a few photos from her 6 month pictures.

We love our sweet pumpkin!!
She makes our family feel so much more complete.


Kaylene Whitten said...

What a beautiful family!! You all look so wonderful!! Can't wait to meet Ava some day!!

Stacy Pincock said...

I love the pictures! She is such a doll. I also love the swim suit Joel picked out. She would make a cute Bam-Bam!!! Thanks for letting us hang out with you guys last night! It was fun. Have you got any boxes yet???

Rachel said...

So adorable. Seeing all these pictures made me so excited to see you next month!