Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sportin Some Shades

The other day, we ran downtown to do a little shopping. I told Joel that I wanted to run to Bath and Body, and Joel said that he would meet me at Baby Gap. We were planning on hitting the clearance rack there to check and see if there were any good deals, so I just thought that he would take his sweet time getting to the store and wait for me on a bench outside. Not at all the case...when I got to the Gap, Joel had bought Ava a swim suit, and she was wearing these shades.

I think that it is cute when Joel buys Ava clothes. Sometimes (most times) it is not something that I would have necessarily picked out, but I love that he wants to be involved. Plus Ava is cute in anything.

Here is Joel trying to get Ava to try out the pool that he bought her. She was not excited about it at all. Check out the cave woman swim suit. Joel says he bought it because she looked like Bam Bam from the Flintstones. Good thing she is cute and can pull off the orange suit.


Beth and Wes said...

That is such a cute suit...good job Joel!!

Bev said...

I have to go with Joel on this one too. She is too cute in that suit. Love it!! Thanks for having us over on Saturday. It was fun to see you guys and hang out for a bit. Sorry for Kade's tantrums. I hope he grows out of them sooner then later!!

Rachel said...

I think that is super cute!