Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Days

We love sunny summer days, especially when spent on a lake.

We had the opportunity to go on my brother Dave's boat with his wife Maria this last Saturday. The weather was perfect and the company was great. Now if we could just get Ava to enjoy wearing her life jacket so that we could stay on the boat for longer than 20 minutes. Oh was fun anyway!

Thanks Dave and Maria for taking us out on the water.

We also decided to try out the bike trailer with Ava, because Joel and I love taking bike rides. We had to put pillows around Ava and under her (to make her taller), but once we hit the road and began moving she enjoyed it. Yea!! That means we will be going on lots of sunny summer bike rides.


thefrommfam said...

oh my gosh that picture of her in the bike rider is so cute!