Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Work Party!

This last week my work had a little lunch for Joel and I to celebrate us being pregnant with our baby girl. I work in a pretty small office, so get-togethers like this are fun and intimate. I work with such great colleagues, and have a fantastic job. It was nice for Joel to meet everyone I work with as well. The food and conversation were great, and we got some amazing gifts. I feel like I am ready to have her now, and hope that she comes a little early instead of a little late.

Here are some pictures from the lunch party:

(The cute cake)

(Joel got the honors of cutting the cake)

(Us opening gifts)


George and Teri said...

Hi Jen... we can still do pictures if you want, it was kind of chilly when we did Stephs but it was tolerable.. or we can do them inside too. If this weekend is good weathe we should try and do some. Let me know..I am totally available!