Friday, November 27, 2009

Home for the Holiday

This Thanksgiving Joel and I decided to stay home and celebrate just the two of us. I have been contracting pretty hard lately and did not want to be out traveling. My family was celebrating at the lake place, and I did not want to be that far away, and Joel's family had their Thanksgiving here, but with the baby sitting on my lungs (it feels like that anyway), and not being able to take my asthma medication due to this pregnancy, I decided not to go to his parents for dinner (due to the animals). Joel was able to go over and visit with his family for a few hours in the morning and see his siblings. When Joel got home we got our little chicken ready to roast, and then just relaxed and watched a movie. Joel's mom sent Joel home with a bunch of side dishes, so we did not have to cook much at all for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was actually nice just to have a lazy day together. I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband that supports me in everything.
Happy Thanksgiving!


tatum said...

that turkey looks pretty good. =) can't wait to see pictures of that little baby coming up here. good luck with the 'big day'!