Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friend Shower

This last weekend some of my close girlfriends threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun to spend time with some of the most fun, and special people in my life. Steph and Kim decorated and made all the food, and the place looked amazing.
Once everyone got there we played a few games, and ate some great food.
One of the games was that the participants had to draw a picture of a baby on the top of their heads on a paper plate, and then I got to choose the best one.

I tried really hard to pick the best one, there were a few that were pretty good.
In the end I narrowed it down to two babies, and Kristen won. Her baby picture was pretty good!

I got some really cute homemade gifts, like beautiful blankets, clothes and booties.

And we got tons of other amazing gifts. Our little girl is so excited to use all these fun things!!
This is a group picture of all my friends that were able to attend my shower.

My mom was able to make the shower too. It was nice to have her there.

And two of my piano students (Maddy and Kate) were able to come with there moms who are two of my close friends.
I have been looking forward to this shower for a few weeks, and it beat all my expectations. I am so thankful for such great friends. I truly do feel so blessed.


Bev said...

Oh my Gosh Jen!! I had it in my head that your shower was this upcoming weekend. I'm so sorry I missed it. I am such an idiot. I'm glad you had fun.

sainsburys said...

Jen, I'm so excited for you guys!!! It's so fun that you are having a girl. I gave up on having a girl on my 3rd boy. You look incredible. I love that baby dress you are holding up. What an exciting time!!!!Enjoy

Black Family said...

I so wish I did not have that primary thing going that weekend and then getting would not have wanted me there all sick anyways:) I love you and wish I could have been there....I have something special coming your way soon....I am still working on a couple things and then I will send it off!