Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Slugger

Today for the 4th of July we were supposed to have a BBQ with some friends, but Ava had been under the weather the last few days.  It started out last weekend with her running a fever for 3 days, and then on Monday, July 2nd she developed a rash.  She has not acted too terribly sick through this whole illness, just a little bit cranky at times and tired.  I called her doctor on the 3rd, and he stated that he wanted to look at it, since Ava has had a really bad rash several months ago (this rash does not even compare to that one).  He was not too concerned with it, just thought that it was viral and would be gone in a day or two, but took a blood sample to see if it was a disease that could be harmful to infants or pregnant women.  We will find out the results tomorrow.  He told us not to hang out with babies or pregnant women until we had the results, which made us have to cancel our BBQ plans. 
We were planning on taking Ava to a "Little Slugger" race here in town for kids ages 1 - 3.  The race consisted of the kids running the bases at Avista Stadium and then having treats with Otto (Indians Mascot).  When Ava woke up this morning her rash was pretty much gone, and since the race was outside we decided to let her still do something fun on the 4th.  I am glad that we did, because she had a blast.  She came in 3rd place, and looked so cute running around the bases.  We are excited to let her do it again next year too.

Getting ready for the race to start.

Ava saying hello to Doris - one of the mascots.

Ava running the last leg of the race and heading for home plate.

One of the fun activities they had for kids was a jump house - Ava's favorite.

Learning how to hit a ball.

Happy 4th of July from the Anderson's