Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well it looks like Joel is going to be out-numbered in the Anderson household.  We found out this last Thursday that we will be expecting baby girl #2 in November.  We are really excited to have another girl in the house.  It will be fun for Ava to have a sister pretty close in age, and extremely nice to have so much of the needed baby accessories for a girl. 

We decided to tell our local parents what we were going to have over dessert on Friday night.  I had a cake made at a local bakery with the filling the color of the gender.  It was fun to have my mom and Joel's mom cut the cake and figure out what their next grandchild's gender would be. 

Ava has been calling the baby in my belly a boy for several months now, and even though we have told her that it will be a girl, she still insists that it is a boy.  Time will tell if the ultrasound or Ava is correct. 
Joel showing Ava the Ultrasound pictures and trying to explain that it will be a girl.

20 weeks pregnant


Rachel said...

This is so cute that you did this Jen. I'm so excited for you!