Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well it looks like Joel is going to be out-numbered in the Anderson household.  We found out this last Thursday that we will be expecting baby girl #2 in November.  We are really excited to have another girl in the house.  It will be fun for Ava to have a sister pretty close in age, and extremely nice to have so much of the needed baby accessories for a girl. 

We decided to tell our local parents what we were going to have over dessert on Friday night.  I had a cake made at a local bakery with the filling the color of the gender.  It was fun to have my mom and Joel's mom cut the cake and figure out what their next grandchild's gender would be. 

Ava has been calling the baby in my belly a boy for several months now, and even though we have told her that it will be a girl, she still insists that it is a boy.  Time will tell if the ultrasound or Ava is correct. 
Joel showing Ava the Ultrasound pictures and trying to explain that it will be a girl.

20 weeks pregnant

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Love you Daddy

Today was Father's Day and Ava was so excited to give her dad the present that she made him.  Ava and I decided to make Father's Day gifts this year for Joel (we are usually pretty low key with presents anyway), and we had a lot of fun completing them.  Ava got to paint a wooden frame for Joel to take to work and put on his desk.  She used close to every paint color I had laying around to finish the frame for her dad.  I made a canvas picture for Joel out of one of my favorite pictures. Ava looks up to her dad so much, and Joel is honestly the best father ever.  Ava is lucky to have him lead and guide her through life with her Savior.  I am so thankful that I married such a wonderful man and father to my children.  We love you Joel!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mommy Daughter Date

Last Friday a friend of mine invited Ava and I to join her and her daughter to see Madagascar 3 in the theater.  I was a little nervous to take Ava because her attention span is still quite small and she has never watched a long movie before.  She did better than I expected and lasted a little over an hour in the theater.  Having other kids around and getting to eat popcorn probably helped.  I will try it again when she is a little older.  I sure love this little side-kick and the time we get to spend together.  She makes me grateful to be a mother each and every day. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

San Diego 2012

This last May we took a family vacation to San Diego for a week.  It was such a much needed vacation for our family (well mostly for Joel and I to let go of work for a week and just enjoy some family time).  I was a little nervous about Ava on the plane (this was her first plane ride), but she did great.  We stayed at a resort close to Sea World that had beautiful grounds and great pools.  I think that swimming in the pool was one of Ava's favorite things.  We were able to visit Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, and the Safari Park.  Joel and I liked the Safari Park the best, and I think that Ava probably enjoyed Sea World the most.  We had a fun and wish we could get away from work and other obligations more often as a family. 

Getting ready to head into the Spokane Airport

Our first day at our resort

Looking at fish and turtles at Sea World

Riding an Elmo ride in the Sesame Street section of Sea World

Dolphin Show (Ava and moms favorite show)

Shamu (whale) show - Dad's favorite

Beach Day -- Building a sand castle

Looking for shells

Getting ready to run in the waves with dad -- major wipe out a little later.  The wave won and Ava lost. 

Joel loved the Gorilla walk

Ice cream break

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ava started riding her big girl bike this May.  She watches the kids in the neighborhood on their bikes and wants to be just like them.  I think that she is pretty cute riding her bike, and love that she is up for trying new things.  I cannot believe how grown up she has become.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rainy Spring Days

What do we do on rainy April days while dad is away at work???
Well, play dress up of course, and try on all of daddy's ties.

Ava dressed up as a ladybug

Wearing all of Daddy's Ties

Eeks...These ties are heavy!

My brother Eric ran the Leadman Race in Kellogg this past April.  We thought that it would be fun to meet them in Kellogg and let the kids play in the indoor waterpark.  Ava is still talking about the waterslides and how she wants to go back.   We had a great time!!

Ava and her cousin Simon taking a snack break.

Daddy and Ava playing some water basketball

Eric's family - Jenny, Simon, Maveric and Eric