Saturday, December 17, 2011


Mobius is a children's museum here in town, and Ava has really started to enjoy it now that she is older. My mom decided to get us a family pass for Christmas which we were all thrilled about. Ava really needs something to do when the weather is too cold and crummy to be outside in, and Mobius has given her something to look forward to. I was worried that she would get sick of it after awhile, but she hasn't and we go at least once a week. Several of the families in our play group have passes too, and it is always fun when we meet up there to let the kids play and the mom's are able to chat.

A few of Ava's favorite things to do there are; dress up as a police officer or fireman, play with the water feature, and she loves to paint. Here are a few pictures of our last trip to the museum...

They have several plasma cars for the kids to ride, and then other kids dress up and direct traffic or help with crashes. Ava was trying to direct traffic in these pictures.

And here is a picture of her painting. She loves to use all the different colors and mix them together on the paper.

We love Mobius!!


Kara said...

Jen she is soo cute!! I hope your family has a merry Christmas!!