Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleep is Over-Rated

Ava seems to think that sleep is over-rated.

Ava has never been a great sleeper. Let's be honest...she is a horrible sleeper. I have friends that say that their child has been sleeping through the night since they were 6 weeks old...heck some that say they began sleeping through the night at 6 months old. Not our Ava. She is 14 months old and still does not sleep through the night. I have to admit that it is getting a little bit better. This week she has slept until 4 and sometimes 5 AM, but it has not become consistent yet. Until this last week she woke up at 1 AM to eat a bottle every night. Grrrr. I have been ready to have her cry it out for sometime now, but Joel says that if she is hungry she should eat. His argument is that he gets up to eat in the middle of the night if he is hungry (which he really does do), so she should be able to eat if she is hungry too.

Since I do not agree with the whole nightly feeding thing much anymore, Joel has decided that he will get up and feed her if she is hungry. Joel feeding her is nice, but her crying and waking us up every night is not. I hope that this phase is coming to an end soon, because I am getting a little sleep deprived (a little...who are we kidding. I feel like a zombie at times).


I love her even when I have had less than 4 hours of sleep a night for 5 days straight.
And even when I am exhausted, she still brings the biggest smile to my face each day.


Stacy Pincock said...

Love, Love, Love her!!!! She is so cute! Thanks for coming over last night. We had tons of fun with you guys!!! Hey, thanks for those coupons too:)

Beth and Wes said...

How could you not love that face!! She is so adorable!!

Bev said...

Hang in there. It does get better :) I showed Kade these pictures of Ava and he was glued to the screen. He would point and say, "Ava, so cute". I think we have a match in the making.

Black Family said...

ya we just started letting ashton cry it out a couple nights ago.... last night he went to bed at 7 and woke up at 5 to eat then back to sleep until 7 last night and we are hoping he will make it till 7 tonight....crossing my fingers because i am so tired everyday!
i cannot believe ava is getting so big...she is a doll jen! miss you guys!!

Kaylene Whitten said...

She is adorable!! And my children never slept through the night either and sometimes they still don't!! The day will come!!

Joelle said...

Yes - she is beautiful!!!!

Let her cry it out - after a couple nights my kids were always sleeping through the night. :-) Each night was less and less of crying. It's not easy to let them cry it out, but it's worth it. I promise! (I put a fan in my room to "muffle" it a little so I wasn't in tears too!)

As long as you know that there is nothing wrong with her, she is okay to cry it out for a bit. You can go in and pat her back and tell her it's ok, but I wouldn't feed her. At this point, she shouldn't need to eat during the night.

Of course, you are mama, so do what you feel is best! :-)