Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Company

The other night we were able to have dinner with our great friends Mark and Rhonda and their adorable son Henry. We always look forward to our time with them. Great food and always wonderful company.

I have known Rhonda since Middle School, and it is so much fun raising our children together.
We look forward to summer adventures together too.

And for those of you that need an Ava fix... Here are some cute recent pictures.

Ava just loves helping in the kitchen.
Ava moved all the oranges and grapefruit into the potato drawer. I guess she thought where we had placed them was not good enough.
Joel says this last photo makes Ava look like a werewolf.
She tends to look like this after she pulls her pigtails out.
I promise that we do clean her mouth off after eating.


Black Family said...

Are you kidding she is looking so old! And that last picture is so beautiful of of my faves!!!