Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Miss Ava Claire

Well we missed Ava's 9 month pictures, so she got pictures taken at 10 months old instead. She becomes more and more fun each day. I am always saying that I love this stage in her development the best, but right now is honestly my favorite. She is growing up way too fast though. Some fun facts about Ava right now are:
  • Crawls anywhere (but loves to crawl up the stairs the most)
  • Would rather walk, so she pulls herself up on everything and scales the walls and furniture
  • Loves to clap when she does something cute
  • Will eat anything she can get her hands on (she tried a baby wipe the other day - GROSS)
  • Fascinated with belts
  • Loves to read books (this is some of my favorite past-times with her)
  • Wears 12 month clothes and 18 month pajamas (where did my baby go?)
  • Has the cutest different face expressions

She is definitely our best and biggest blessing.

We love you Ava!


The Sobotta Fam said...

Love those pictures of Ava, but where's the family pictures!? Her expressions are adorable!!

Bev said...

She's so flippin cute. Love her!!