Saturday, October 2, 2010

9 Cents

I finally had one of those amazing coupon shopping days. I hear of people buying stuff for pennies but have never actually done it…until yesterday night. I went to the grocery store after Ava went to bed to pick up a few things and decided to stop buy Rite-Aid and grab a few things because I have wellness dollars that are going to expire soon. $14 wellness dollars to be exact. I went in and got the items pictured and only paid 9 cents, and I did not even use any of my wellness dollars and got back two more dollars (now I have $16 to spend soon --- probably will go to a few free packs of diapers).
I am not a huge couponer because I do not have time to research all the deals and plan out my trips being a mom, working part-time, and teaching a few piano lessons a week. Also, because I do not buy things that I am not going to ever use or eat. I do not have the space and I hate when people buy everything that they can get for free-just because it is free- and then there is nothing left for those that actually want the product. Also, I am a snob about certain things and will only buy named brand products (like Tide, Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers, Adams Peanut Butter, and things like that), so I will never get products like that for free. So even though I might be able to get a different laundry detergent for free or really cheap, I am not going to waste my time finding the coupons to make the deal. However, I do look at a certain local site that maps out deals for the Spokane area, and if it seems like something that I might need and will not take too much time to try to find all the coupons needed, then I will do it. Last night was one of those trips.
If you do not have a wellness card at Rite-Aid, you should get one. They have practically been paying me to shop there the last few weeks. And it was fun only handing the cashier 9 cents!


Beth and Wes said...

That's sweet Jen, what a find!!

Stacy Pincock said...

Such a good deal!!! Is it still on????

Coupon Posse' said...

What an awesome shop! Rite Aid is one of my favorite stores to shop at!

Thanks for reading our blog! We appreciate it!

Rachel said...

You are going to have to guide me in couponing at whatever point I start to do this. Very impressive!!

Andy & Jen said...

Teach me how to coupon...I wanna learn!