Friday, September 3, 2010

Peach Festival Mishap

I heard on the news that the Greenbluff Peach Festival was this weekend, so we decided to head up their once Joel got off of work on Friday. What we did not know was that the festival did not start until Saturday, and most of the farms closed at 5:00 PM. So after driving to several farms to see if we could pick some peaches...we realized that we were out of luck. One farm on the way home let us go through their apple orchard, but said that the apples were not quite ripe enough to pick yet. We decided to take a walk through the orchard since we were already there.

Ava just adores her daddy!!

Ava prefers to try to walk...maybe someday we will have a crawler.

While we were walking through the apples, we saw this cute little tricycle. Joel wanted to see if Ava would sit on it, and I am glad that he tried it, because it made for some great pictures. Our baby is getting so big.

Even though Joel was sad that we did not get any peaches this trip, we had fun just spending time outside as a family. Can't wait to take Ava back to pick out her Fall Pumpkin.


Beth and Wes said...

Sorry you guys went early, you got some great pictures anyway though!! I love that shirt by the way!!

Black Family said...

oh i miss greenbluff so much! cute jeans!!! ava is so sweet love that girl!

Rachel said...

okay I'm sorry about the mishap but have to say I'm jealous as I miss Greenbluff!
And you look cute in that outfit.
oh and I miss seeing you too :).