Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Little Trooper

Ava has been such a little trooper lately. We had to stay an extra day in the hospital because her biliruben levels were high and she was jaundiced pretty bad. They put her under light therapy and we were only able to hold her during feedings. (Here is a picture of her in the hospital under the light therapy.)

Then we got her home and had to get her biliruben levels checked two days later and her values were high again. They said that we could try a home therapy for a few days and see if that worked, and if not ... back to the hospital.
The home therapy consists of Ava wearing a light band around her body at all times. It is attached to a machine and only has a three foot cord. It makes it difficult to feed, change, and hold her at times, but she is a trooper, and has tolerated it quite well. In fact, I think that she deals with it better than I do at times. Here is what she looks like wearing her lights.

We cover her in sleepers to keep her warm, and hold her constantly. It has allowed Joel and I to bond with her in a way that we probably would never had. She is such a good baby, and we can not complain at all. Hopefully this will all pass soon.
We love her so much!!


wood family said...

Oh, she is beautiful!! :) Don't worry, this WILL pass soon. Lane had to go back to the hospitol for jaundice for like 4 days or something when he was 5 or 6 days old. It's very stressfull, but just know that it WILL pass and she'll be JUST fine!!! Congrats!!! she is just adorable!

Bev said...

She is so cute. It is amazing how resilient these little babies are. I think it's harder on parents to watch their little ones go through things out of their control. Ava will be fine and you and Joel and taking wonderful care of her. I'm calling you tonight as I want to see when I can come see you and meet little Ava. Let me know if there is anything you need or anything I can do to help you out right now. Love ya!!

Kimberly said...

How sweet! Jen, she is way too cute! I can't believe she is here already. I hope everything ends up being ok with her and I can't wait to come hold her!

Kara said...

She is so cute! hopefully she will get better soon!

Brenda said...

Jen she is beautiful! She looks like her mommy. I know how stressful the belirubin stuff can be. All of my kids have had the same problem. I think that all of them but Cordin had to have treatments for it. I'm so glad that they are letting you do it at home. It is still stressful but I think so much easier to do when you are surrounded by your own things. I hope that you are all doing well. Let me know if you need anything at all. I can't wait to meet your sweet little one.