Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Countdown

I can honestly say that I hope that this is the last post that I put up before our baby decides to come and join us. Oh, I hope that it is before Christmas, but she is now finally content inside of me. You would think that after contracting and being on partial bed rest for the last three months that she would want to come out early. Oh No...she is dragging it out to the end it looks like. But at least I can say that we should be in the final countdown stages.

Joel and I saw this cute little car seat cover at the doctors office and I thought that we could probably make it for way cheaper than you would be able to buy one. Yesterday we decided to attempt it, and I think that it turned out pretty cute. We still have the cover that zips up around their head too, underneath this, but it is so cold lately, that she will need this protection too I am sure.

Here is the last shot of my pregnancy pictures - this is a little over 36 weeks pregnant.
(Sorry about the showing of skin). I am not taking any more pictures because I feel like I have a Triple Chin now.

Well, now I guess we play the waiting came. The anticipation is a killer.


Christensen family said...

Jen - Oh my I have not been great at following blogs lately... I cannot believe how close you are! I love your nursery. It was great to meet Joels mom! Do you love her little gift she made... my it sounds like it was a lot of work. I know you are so ready to have this baby. Good luck. I need to call you to and see how you made that carseat cover. I am looking for one and I LOVE yours.

Elyse said...

VERY cute cover! I'm still so much in girl mode I'm trying to switch to boy and it's really hard...girls are just way more fun to shop and sew for! Beautiful belly, by the way. Isn't it amazing that there's a baby in there? I envy your lack of stretch marks (I hope that it's not creepy that I just wrote that... : )

Rachel said...

You need to tell her that I am coming to town next week and she needs to be born before then so I can hold her. This should be motivation, I believe!