Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Piano Recital

Last week I had my Spring Piano Recital. Only 5 of my 8 students were able to participate, but it still went really well. In the Spring, my students learn about one famous composer and learn one of their pieces for the recital. This year we studied Beethoven, and each student played one Beethoven piece and then one piece of their choice. Before they played their Beethoven pieces they each told a little bit about the composer and their life history.

I was so proud of each of my students. They all did very well.
Here is a picture of the group.

(Jonathan, Maddy, Kate, Celia, and Bella - and then I am in the back)

A few of them were really nervous to preform. And for some it was there very first recital, so we had a quick little huddle before the recital to have a pep-talk, deep breaths, and then they were ready. They are all so cute.

Then after the recital, we had refreshments and time to mingle with each other. My good friend Stacy made these cute drink bags for all the students. They turned out so cute, and were a huge hit.

All and all...I think that it was a great night.


Stacy Pincock said...

Cute Pics!!!! You are such an amazing piano teacher. I appreciate all you do!!! You Rock!

Black Family said...

Oh jen so cute! I love the picture of you talking to the kids.....i can just hear your sweet voice! I guess this post just really touched my heart today....love ya!

Kara said...

You are awesome! I really want my kids to take piano! Come to Idaho and teach them!!