Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Craftin with Mom

Joel has been taking a few night classes to expand his education and employment skill set. He has decided to take a few additional accounting classes so that he can sit for his CPA exam later this year. He is still working full time, which means that his classes are taken at night. Therefore, a few nights a week are quite boring for me, but allow me to get some projects completed.

Last night my mom came by to cut out some letters on the Circuit machine for a school poster, and I showed her a cute magnet board project that I wanted to make. She liked it, and decided to stay and make one with me. I think that they turned out super cute, and they were so easy and cheap to make. Thanks to my friend Jamie, the vinyl letters turned out great.

We decided to make black and white magnets out of scrapbook paper and flattened clear marbles. They turned out so great.

So here is what the finished project looked like. This board is fun because you can rotate pictures on it, or anything else you want to display.

It was nice to spend some time with my mom and end up with a completed craft at the end of the night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

8 in 2008...

This last Monday our lesson for Family Home Evening was about getting ourselves and our home in order for 2009. We discussed the basics of getting together at least a 3 month food supply, creating a water supply, creating a larger financial reserve, etc. And then we made four goals for 2009 that we wanted to strive to complete together as a family. Creating goals for the year is always something we do each January for one of our Family Home Evening activities. Then we had time to reflect on 2008. We had many adventures, trials, and blessings. I thought that as we begin this New Year I would list 8 blessings that I was so grateful for in 2008.

Gospel: This is my guide and direction. The teachings of the Jesus Christ and his Atoning Sacrifice are what my testimony is founded on. He is my rock and salvation. I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without it in my life. I think that I would be very lost and confused, and I feel such a sense of peace knowing what I know and in my religious beliefs. Having the gospel in my life is one of my greatest blessings.

Marriage: My marriage to Joel is such an amazing blessing. I could not have chosen a more perfect eternal companion. He is my very best friend …. He is everything to me. Every day that I spend with Joel I truly consider I blessing.

Family: I have been blessed with an amazing family. Even though we do not all see eye-to-eye on everything, we love each other unconditionally. I know that we are in our family for a reason, and I consider each member a huge blessing.

Friends: I have been blessed with the most amazing friends. Each one brings different joys into my life, and each one has created wonderful memories with me. It is a blessing to know that even distance does not wreck a true friendship.

Jobs: Our jobs have been such a blessing this year. With the economic challenges that our country is facing, we have been so blessed to hold good jobs.

Health Insurance: 2008 placed a few medical trials on us, which allowed us to become so thankful for health insurance. As noted previously about the blessing of holding jobs…along with that was the blessing of our jobs giving us medical benefits. We would not have survived financially without this benefit, and we are truly grateful for it.

Vacations / Trips: I know that this may trivial to some, but I am grateful for the time that we took in 2008 to just get away and leave the hustle of our normal day-to-day lives. Whether it was going to Hawaii or just taking a weekend backpacking trip, it is nice to just get away and spend time with those you love. Some of my most memorable memories growing up are those of family vacations. Just being able to relax and have fun is such a blessing.

Blessings: And lastly, I am so thankful for all the many blessings we received in 2008. They are too many to list or count. We both feel very blessed, and know that we owe it all to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We are thankful for the opportunities that we have had to serve, and the trials that we have overcome in 2008 – for many of our blessings came from these events.

We look forward to 2009 and all that it holds for us, our family and friends. And a personal thank you to all those reading this post (for you are one of our family members or friends), we are so thankful for you and what you do for us. We consider ourselves blessed to know you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Warm Memories...

Exactly one year ago today we were in Maui with our good friends Beth and Wes Perez. Joel and I have been missing the warm weather lately due to all the snow we got and the lack of sunshine. We have decided that if we are going to live in the Pacific Northwest long-term...that we have to have a warm winter vacation fund, so that we can leave for at least one week each winter and get away to someplace warm. Hopefully spring will come early this year!
These are just some pictures to remind us of our fun adventures in maui.

Hawaii is one of our favorite vacation spots. I tend to enjoy maui more, and Joel likes Oahu better. He says the waves are better to surf on. But right now, I could care less. I just want to be warm.
Cannot wait to go back to Hawaii - Hopefully sometime soon.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Mean Game of Twister

We had our good friends the Pincock's over for dinner last night, and then played some speed scrabble and twister. I have to say that Twister was the most fun out of the two games. We have been friends with the Pincock's for about three years now, and they are some of our favorite people. We always have such a great time with them, and we totally adore their children.

(The Pincock Family going head-to-head in a mean game of twister)

(Jen and Maddy battling it out...Maddy totally won this game)

Oh - to be young and flexible again.

Parker was the spinner for most of the games, and he did a great job!

And Jackson took over the game at the end. He is just chillin and enjoying the whole mat to himself.
Joel and I feel so blessed to have made such great friends.
Thanks Pincock's for allowing us to have a great night!