Monday, January 12, 2009

Warm Memories...

Exactly one year ago today we were in Maui with our good friends Beth and Wes Perez. Joel and I have been missing the warm weather lately due to all the snow we got and the lack of sunshine. We have decided that if we are going to live in the Pacific Northwest long-term...that we have to have a warm winter vacation fund, so that we can leave for at least one week each winter and get away to someplace warm. Hopefully spring will come early this year!
These are just some pictures to remind us of our fun adventures in maui.

Hawaii is one of our favorite vacation spots. I tend to enjoy maui more, and Joel likes Oahu better. He says the waves are better to surf on. But right now, I could care less. I just want to be warm.
Cannot wait to go back to Hawaii - Hopefully sometime soon.


Shavonne said...

those pictures look so pretty! Man, you're making me wish I was in Hawaii! I definately think the winter vacation fund is a good idea. Especially how its been the last two years here!

thefrommfam said...

Hey Jen,
I feel like I haven't hung out with you in a long time. I just wanted to tell you that I like going on to your site cause lately every time I do you have a different background!