Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Home Evening

This last week for Family Home Evening (FHE) - a night that Joel and I set aside to do something as a family and have a spiritual message - it was my turn to prepare the message and the activity. I came across a talk about how to build a more positive, uplifting marriage. The talk was wonderful and it gave seven ideas of how to make a marriage more positive and loving. I think that Joel and I have a great marriage, but we can all use some enlightment and reminding from time-to-time. It talked about how you should ask yourself questions before being critical towards a spouse (ie, Are they ready to hear the critism, are you talking out of frustrations with things in your own personal life, ect...). It also talked about always having romance in your marriage. And several other tips. It was great to read the suggestions, and to talk about ways we can improve our marriage and personal lives.
Then after our discussion, we wrote 12 reasons we love the other person. I recently made an advent calendar for the month of December, and instead of putting candy or treats in the slots, we decided to write reasons we love each other.

(This is what the sheets looked like. I made one red and one green, and we cut them into 12 strips and wrote reasons we love each other on them.

Then we folded them up and placed them in the slots on the calendar. Joel is the odd days and I am the even. I am actually excited for December to come, so that I can start reading my notes from Joel.

Here is the finished project with all the notes inside. I made the calendar out of a 24-count muffin tin and then put magnets on the back of the dated paper.

All in all...I am just so thankful that Joel and I take time to do activities like this together, and have spiritual messages that we each get to prepare for our family. I am so thankful that I married Joel. He is a great husband and an amazing best friend.


wood family said...

Hey guys! Jen, what a cute idea for an advent calander! so what talk was that, it sounds like a good one!

Andy & Jen said...

oh you're too cute! :)

Stacy Pincock said...

Holy Crap Jen! I love the advent calendar. I need you to come and help me make another one of those! I LOVE IT!!! Miss ya! Hope you are doing well!

tatum said...

way cute idea, love the calendar, going to have to borrow that idea one weird, i had a dream the other day about spokane friends, and you were in it, when i woke up i was sad that we haven't seen each other for soo long. =) glad to hear your doing good, tell joel hi.