Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enjoying Time with Maveric

Maveric is my brother Eric and his wife Jenny's little boy. And he is adorable. He is just starting to recognize his own laugh, which can make for some cute long giggles. Eric and Jenny did the Great Urban Race with us last weekend, and my mom came down with us to babysit Maveric while we ran around the town of Portland.

(Grandma and Maveric)

After the race we all went back to the hotel and Joel and I were able to spend some time with this little guy.

(Uncle Joel and Mav)

(Aunt Jen and Mav)

(Maveric and Mommy)

It is amazing how fast they grow. Each time that we see him, he looks a little older.
We sure enjoy spending time with him!


Andy & Jen said...

he is so cute! we would love to come visit you guys, we'll have to plan a trip this winter and go snowboarding!