Sunday, April 1, 2012

When Good Friends Come to Town

Last weekend our good friends the Weller's came into town. We took the kids to Mobius on Saturday and let them run around for a bit.

Ava was having fun building a train track.
The girls (Ava on the pink car and Leah on the yellow) had a great time driving around.
Ava loves to play kitchen, and she had fun shopping for food at this oriental store.
We tried to take the kids to the downtown carousel after Mobius but they were closing and on their last ride of the day when we arrived. The kids were a bit disappointed, but settled on this 25 cent ride instead.
We cannot wait for the Weller's to come back to Spokane!!


Black Family said...

Um so sad you guys will all be together and we will be left in outer darkness...haha...for real it is dark over here with all the rain all the time...I so wish we could move back! We need to talk soon and plan a trip together!