Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We went to polka-dot pottery for our family activity a few weeks ago. Ava absolutely loved it and asks to paint all the time now. She did a great job making a Christmas tree ornament. We will have to do this again for a family night. It was tons of fun and fairly reasonable in price.


thefrommfam said...

Jen I love going there. Next time we should go together

Black Family said...

Oh Jen you are so lucky you get to enjoy all this stuff with Ava. Jaida had and has to endure boring activities sometimes because of her little brother who is at a totally different stage and would go crazy so enjoy these fun times with her....I wish Jaida and I had more time together just us...not that I do not love our little boy...he is the best. But would love to have had more special moments with sweet Jaida not being pregnant, on bed rest or nursing another baby :) miss you!!