Friday, August 26, 2011

Lady of the Lake

A few weeks ago we headed to the lake and spent some time with my family. The weather was perfect and company was great. Ava was in heaven spending time doing two of her favorite things - playing in the water and sand.

Ava testing the water with dad.

She may have fell in the water unexpectedly... oops.

Playing in the sand. She could have done this for hours on end if we would have let her.

There were quite a few kids playing out in the water and Ava kept saying that she wanted to go out by them. She was not happy to wear her life jacket, but I was too scared to have Joel swim with her when it was going to be over his head too.

Ava thought the boat was pretty neat too.

Hopefully we will make it out there again soon.


Black Family said...

Oh such cute pics! It made me sad we did not get any when we went out to the lake and the kids went on the boat....they loved it too! I always get too wraped up in having fun and always forget to take pictures...grr! Anyways I miss you! I hope all is well. It is a little chilly here today and it made me think fall is coming and it is making me sad....we bareley had a summer! Call me....cause I have no ones number now that my contacts from my old phone are all gone! ugggg :)

Rachel said...

I love that look on Ava's face. Sorry we keep missing each other.