Friday, June 10, 2011

"Wing Wing"

I have been trying to take Ava to the park down the street from our house at least once a day if the weather allows. It is by far the highlight of her day, and she would stay there all day if I would allow her to. Her latest new word is "Wing Wing" (meaning swing swing) - basically meaning - take me to the park please, so that I can swing.

Ava would tell you that in the last 17 months that she has been alive...this is the best present that she has ever received. I wish everyone could have seen the excitement on her face when Joel finally attached the swing, and Ava realized that what her dad was building was actually a swing set. Pure JOY!!

Here are a few pictures of Ava and Joel building the swing set.

We let Ava stay up a little past her bedtime to see the swing being added to the swing set.
Her dad could not connect the swing fast enough for Ava.

I think that Joel and I may not see the inside of our house during the day now.

Wing Wing!!


thefrommfam said...

Oh that is so cute! You guys are such good parents! I can't wait to hang out with you this summer