Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Sweetheart

Dear Jen,
I want to take a few minutes and tell you why I love you. I guess I will start off with the obvious; you're beautiful and smart and kind and funny and thoughtful and sexy and... Well, you get the point. You're everything I could ever ask for. And now the not so obvious:
I love you because you support me and love me through everything. Like the way you pick up the slack around the house when I am busy studying for an exam or when I am flat on my back with the flu for a week.
I love you because you allow me to be myself. I know I am a little immature at times and have a lot of different ideas, but you always listen to what I have to say no matter how much you disagree.
But, what I really love the most is the kind of Mother you are to Ava. The way you take care of her and teach her all day every day, I know what you do with her at home is far more important than what I am doing at work. The truth is, I get a little jealous of you sometimes because of all the time you two spend together without me, but at the same time am so greatful for the way you love her and take care of her. I know you love her more than anything and would do anything for her. I never imagined that I would be so lucky as to have someone like you to spend my life and eternity with. Every day I thank God that he allowed us to meet and fall in love.
I will always love you,


Rachel said...

That's the sweetest thing. Props to Joel.

Black Family said...

Um that is so sweet! What a great Valentines present! Those are the best ones!

Bev said...

How sweet! Nice job Joel!

thefrommfam said...

Um I just started crying reading that. You rae pretty amazing joel