Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Hunt

This last weekend we went up north with some of our good friends, Rhonda, Mark and their little boy Henry, to look for the perfect Christmas tree. And we had success!! After a little hike through the woods, we finally found our cute tree.

I was a little worried about how Ava would do being out in the cold. This was her first time outside for a long period of time, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Our little family on the hunt for our Christmas tree.

Ava and I took a break to play in the snow while Joel cut down the tree. Ava loved touching the snow. She is always so curious about everything (she gets that from her dad - and it is a good thing).

And since she was so curious...Joel thought that she ought to taste it too.

This little adventure made for the perfect weekend, and our house is beginning to look alot like Christmas.


{ Missemmelle } said...

Did you go up to Camden? That's where my family would always go to get our tree. Great memories!

Rachel said...

Seriously these pictures are so cute!