Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When Daddy Watches Me...

On Tuesday's Joel watches Ava while I go to work. I am sure that Ava loves this, because she gets to do whatever she wants when she wants.

We planted a garden this year, and planted a few things specifically so that we could make Ava some fresh baby food - like peas. We planted carrots also to make baby food, but then read that you have to be really careful with carrots due to nitrates in the soil.

Well, yesterday when I got home from work, these pictures were up for me to see. Joel knew that I would get upset because babies are not suppose to have tomatoes, and we discussed that we were going to test our soil for nitrates before feeding the carrots to Ava. But Ava and Joel have minds of their own.

Ava enjoying herself. Joel assures me that she did not actually eat any of the tomato.

She did taste the carrots though. How can you get mad at a face this cute though???


Chelsea said...

What a cutie!! Yeah, dad's don't always keep the rules when mom isn't around...:)