Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What do we do when the SUN decides to come out?

This last weekend was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny, warm, and Ava loved being outside (well...as long as the sun was not in her eyes). Therefore, Joel and I decided to use our new jogging stroller and go for a few walks over the weekend. We live in a little community outside of town that has tons of paved and non-paved walking trails that we love to go walking on. Here are some pictures of our fun adventures.

Hopefully we will have another sunny weekend in the near future so that we can hit the trails again.


Black Family said...

how fun! she is getting so big! miss you guys soooo much!

Bev said...

Ava is adorable. What a nice looking family you all are. Sorry about dinner on Sunday. Hopefully we can get together soon!! Miss ya!!