Sunday, February 14, 2010


This Valentine's Day was a bit different than usual, but so much more special. Usually, Joel and I go on a date for Valentine's Day, but this year we have a little baby, so going out is a bit more difficult. Joel brought home a dozen roses and cooked an amazing meal for his two lucky girls (I was the only girl that ate it, but Ava enjoyed looking at it). I love when Joel cooks because one - I do not have to cook, and two - because he is an amazing cook. His meals always turn out fabulous. This was Ava's first Valentine's Day too which made it even more special, and Joel got her the cutest card. Ava got her dad some chocolates that he really enjoyed. I would not have wanted to spend Valentine's Day any other way.

Here are just a few new pictures of Ava. We sure do love having her in our family.

Too Cute!!


Black Family said...

Oh that dress looks so cute on her! She is so adorable....what a blessing....i just cannot wait to meet her! I am really anxious!!!!

Beth and Wes said...

I love the head bands, she's looking like she is getting more used to them!! She's such a doll!

Bev said...

Just when I think she can't get any cuter, you post more pictures and she does!!! Hope you guys had a happy Valentines.