Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally hit 32 Weeks!!

This last weekend I finally hit 32 weeks of being pregnant. This pregnancy is going so slow for me, probably because I want to see her so badly. On Saturday we had a break from the horrible rain that we have been having, and the sun actually came out for a few hours. Joel and I decided to go for a walk at the Finch Arboretum, and we took a few pictures.

Jen at 32 weeks Pregnant.

This picture of the two of us is kind-of funny because we were using the self timer on our camera, and it looks as if we are really slanted.
It turned out to be a fun day, and was just nice to have a few hours to walk and talk together!


.: Megan :. said...

I love the slanted pictures! That's funny : )

wood family said...

too cute!!! Though TOTALLY wrong :) I think i was that big at like 12 weeks!!! Not too much longer to go!!! Hope you're feeling good!

Beth and Wes said...

The pics turned out cute! Another month and you'll look more prego!

Black Family said...

YAY!!!! I cannot wait is going slow for me too....not my pregnancy yours....heehee....I just cannot wait for her to get guys will be the best parents ever!! I am so happy for you and sad that I cannot be there for the ya!

Stacy Pincock said...

I can't believe how good you look for being 32 weeks. I'm so excited too! Enjoy the last few weeks. Try to get as much sleep as you can so you're ready for all those sleepless nights!