Monday, August 31, 2009

24 Weeks Pregnant

Joel and I decided to take a picture before church on Sunday. I was exactly 24 weeks that day! December cannot come quick enough. We cannot wait to meet our little girl.

A Little Vacation...

This last week Joel and I took off work and were planning to go to California for the week, but plans changed and we stayed home for most of the week. We got a ton done on our basement, and it is really starting to look great!. Joel is so handy and does a great job with projects around the house. We did head up to Swietzer for a few days with our good friends Beth and Wes and had a great time with them. The view is amazing up on the mountain. We were able to stay in the Meyer's condo (the condo is so much fun and right on the mountain) which is in the perfect location.

This is the view from their condo.

We went down to Sandpoint one evening and took a walk along the water at sunset. It was such a pretty night. We had a great little vacation, and really enjoyed being able to spend some time with good friends too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trying to Avoid the HEAT...

A few weekends ago, Joel and I headed out to the lake because some of my extended family was in town. It is always fun to be out on the water when the weather is so hot and dry. We only wish we took the time to head out there more often during the warm summer months, because the cabin is only about an hour drive from our house. The problem Joel and I have is that our weekends are always filled up way to far in advance.

Joel and a few of my cousins tried to sink and flip a wooden raft that is in the swimming area. They were successful, and seemed to enjoy themselves. The water was a little too cold for me to be in there for extended periods of time.

This is just a random picture of Joel and my cousin John floating on a surf board.
We had a great weekend visiting with family and enjoying the water. We hope to head out again for a day before the end of September.

Monday, August 3, 2009

We found out what we are having.....

Today we went in for our anatomy ultrasound of our little baby, and we found out that we are having a GIRL! She looks great - bones and organs are growing appropriately. We are so thankful to have a healthy baby. She was sitting breech and they could not get a good picture of the whole heart so I get to have another ultrasound in 4 weeks. If they tell us it is a girl again at that time I will be content to start decorating. These pictures on this post are of pictures that they gave me, so they are not very clear --- but you can take our word for it --- she is pretty cute.