Monday, April 27, 2009

Maveric Turns 1...

Yesterday we went to visit my Brother Eric and his family for a very special event. My nephew Maveric had his first birthday party. He is seriously the cutest kid ever, and so much fun to watch. I love the pure joy in children’s eyes, and the excitement they have over the littlest things. They truly take nothing for granted.

Eric and Jenny had family come over to celebrate with Maveric. It is always fun to see Jenny’s side of the family. Eric grilled a wonderful barbeque, Eric and Jenny did a dedication of Maveric to God, and then we had cake and presents.

Watching Maveric eat his first birthday cake was fun. He enjoyed smashing it up and tasting the frosting.

And he loved tearing all the paper off the presents.

It was so nice just to spend the day with family.

Here is a picture of me and my grandmother.

Me and Joel

The birthday boy and his parents

We cannot wait for Maveric’s next birthday party since this one was such a hit!!


Holly said...

You look adorable as always! I still snoop at your site all the time. :)
Love Holly

Black Family said...

cute pics! HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way! Miss you!