Sunday, March 8, 2009

Splish Splashin Weekend

This last weekend we went to Kellogg Idaho with some friends and stayed at the Morning Star Condos. With each nightly purchase you get free passes into their new indoor water park. We went with two other couples - Beth and Wes, along with Ben and Kim. The room only came with 4 indoor water passes, so we shared the passes with Ben and Kim. They went on Friday, and Joel and I used them on Saturday. But all and all, it was just nice to get away for a night and spend time with some of our closest friends.

(Wes, Beth, Joel, Jen, Kim and Ben)
Friday night we made dinner and played some games and watched a movie.
And then on Saturday we got on our bathing suits and hit the water park with Beth and Wes.
(Joel and I getting ready to go have some fun)
The water park was very family oriented and had tons to do for children. We would love to go back with our own kids someday. But there was also quite a bit to do for older kids and grown-ups. They have a thing called the surf runner that you can surf or body board on. I chose just to body board due to everyone having sore necks from wiping out the day before we got there. Here are some pictures of Joel and Wes surfing, and Beth and I body boarding.

(Joel surfing)
(Wes surfing)

(Jen body boarding)

(Beth body boarding)
They also had a few tube rides. The one that holds four people was extremely fast and a little scary at times because you are in a pitch black tube. Lets just say there was a lot of screaming.

It was fun to be in a warm (85 degrees) indoor water park and looking out the windows and seeing snow falling. We had a great time, and are looking forward to summer even more now.


Beth and Wes said...

You got some awesome pictures we are so glad you guys came with us, it wouldn't have been the same without you!!

Shavonne said...

that looks like so much fun! I think I would just body board too, but then I'm a chicken when it comes to water. Glad you had fun!

Kara said...

Save your stinkin money so that you can come to IDAHO and play!! Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

Andy & Jen said...

Hey Joel...I like your tennis in the parks shirt!

Rachel said...

Jen, that sounds like so much fun! I was missing our game nights the other day. I haven't played nuts since I was there last summer.

Black Family said...

I wish we could have gone! Fun! Oh enjoy these special memories....they slow down when the kid comes....Jake and I keep talking about different fun things we want to do around here....then realize....wait we have a kid now....what are we gonna do with her....ha ha....miss you guys!