Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Play Dough

Our neighbor Mike is in the Young Men's program at church with Joel, which means that they have mutual (youth activity night) every Wednesday evening. Mike's wife is in school right now, so they needed someone to watch their kids so that he could attend mutual. And...since I having nothing to do Wednesday nights I said that I would watch their kids Reagan and Benson. They are the sweetest kids. And since I am the babysitter I am suppose to be extra fun Reagan tells me. Yesterday I was trying to think of something extra fun to do, because I am running out of ideas, and thought that we would try to make peanut butter play dough. I remember playing with this dough quite often growing up, and it was probably because it is all eatable.

(You have got to love an easy recipe with very few ingredients!)

I had the kids help me mix all the ingredients, and then mix them all together with our hands. It got a little messing with two little helpers, but they had a ton of fun. Playing with the dough lasted for awhile and then it was off to the next thing to play with. Even though it did not keep them occupied the whole evening, they has a great time with it, and it brought back fun memories of childhood.

Flower that Reagan and I made with the play dough

Benson, Me, and Reagan with our peanut butter play dough.


Christensen family said...

You are seriously so fun and creative! I love it! So Jen... I need your help with some fun craft ideas for girls camp! We need to talk!

Bev said...

I was just thinking about Peanut Butter play dough the other day. How fun!! Kade and I are excited to see you on Tuesday as well!! Have a fabulous weekend in Portland and make Joel spoil you on Saturday!! Love ya!

Kara said...

What a fun idea! you can come to idaho and tend my kids!!