Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 4th of July 2008

All of Joel's brothers and sisters came to town for this independence day. Since there are so many kids in his family (8), this does not happen often. It was so nice to spend time with all of them. The weekend went by quickly, but I know that Joel cherished every minute that he got to spend with his siblings. The following two pictures are Joel and his siblings.

Everyone tickling Justin

Joel's brother John and his family stayed with us over the weekend. We all had so much fun. John has three beautiful children. It was definitly an eye opener to how crazy and busy our house will be when we have children. But the fun and laughter will surpass the stress of an unclean house I am sure.

One Friday (July 4th) we went to Joel's parents for a big family BBQ and fireworks. The weather was perfect and the food was great.

All of the kids, spouses , and grandkids

Shade, Erica, and Blaze - Born to Pose!

Joel sleeping with Lock - Looks like some great sleep!

Shade enjoying the food

Jen playing with Echo

Blaze and her sparkler

Shade and her sparkler

Erica enjoying the fireworks

This holiday weekend was great. We had wonderful company, loads of fun, and tons of laughter.