Monday, July 28, 2008

Backpacking to Heart Lake

(Heart Lake - Our Destination)

(Wes, Beth, Jen, and Joel)

Joel and I, went backpacking with our good friends Beth and Wes this last weekend. We hiked to Heart Lake in the LoLo National Forest in Montana. It is absolutely beautiful country. Joel and I have backpacked to this lake in the past and it was not so populated. There were tons more hikers and campers on this trip. Which is fine that others have found such a wonderful place to spend time outdoors, but it did limit our view of wildlife. Beth and I were fine without seeing any bears, but Joel was a little sad he did not see the heard of mountain goats that we have seen everytime in the past.

(Just hanging out at camp)

The weather was great - sunny and no rain. We got our favorite spot on the lake, which is secluded in the trees, with a great view of the lake.

(Joel making us a fire to keep warm)

(Joel and Wes coming back from a wood hunt)

(The girls - Jen and Beth - chattin around the fire)

(Going on a day hike - Absolutely gorgeous scenery)

We all had a great time. Joel and I are so grateful with have Wes and Beth to hang out with. We all share a lot of the same interests, and just enjoy each others company. Hopefully we can convince them to stay in the Spokane area. (We only wish all of our close friends and family could have joined us.)

(Looking down on Heart Lake from our day hike)

Great Hike, Great Weather, Great Company, and Great Conversations!
Who could ask for a better weekend!


Black Family said...

Thank you for all your help today Jen! You are such a wonderful friend....thank you for your post too. It means so much that you are excited for us and you know how much we have been waiting for all these wonderful blessings to come to pass. Love you tons....I wish we could live closer and go on these cool hiking adventures with you guys. It looks like you guys had a blast!